Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing

Bathtubs in this price range are generally not of the same quality as their older counterparts.

When new bathtubs are manufactured they are produced on an assembly line. For this reason, it is possible to reduce manufacturing costs. Also, the equipment needed is always in a fixed location. Manufacturing a new porcelain tub, involves the use of a kiln where temperatures exceed 1500 degrees F. This process cannot be done in home.

To reglaze a bathtub, in the home, involves moving the reglazing equipment to the location of the installed bathtub. To deliver a high quality reglazing job, involves the utilization of much equipment, and high quality materials.

Even at $275 to $399 per bathtub, you save about 75% of replacement cost.

Consider the plumbing, the tub wall enclosure, the flooring, also the logistics of removing the bathtub from the house, the door jams may have to be removed, and even the walls in some cases.

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