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Can tile walls be refinished?

Absolutely, tile walls are able to be refinished. The final outcome can be incredible. Imagine the color changed from a bright gold to a soft white. Maybe a green color changed to an almond color. The possibilities are many. A side benefit of refinishing ceramic tile is that grout lines are also sealed which significantly reduces the forming of mold and mildew.

Can you do anything about the ugly harvest gold tile in my bathroom?

Yes we can! Tile can be refinished much like a tub. The main advantage is that the tile and grout become the same color, eliminating all the stain and mold which often occurs in the grout. If some of the tiles are chipped or cracked, they can also be repaired with a special porcelain filler to make them look like the original before we refinish the entire counter, tub surround, etc. in a new color of your choice.
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